We are excited to announce Applied SAFe 5.0 has been officially approved by Scaled Agile! 

This new version consists of all changes in SAFe 5.0 as well as new features and benefits.

These changes include: an introduction to Business Agility, Design Thinking, the Seven Core Competencies of the Lean Enterprise, and more. Mastery of these seven competencies enables enterprises to successfully navigate digital disruption and to effectively respond to volatile market conditions, changing customer needs, and emerging technologies.

Applied SAFe 5.0 with person using it

Applied SAFe 5.0 Introduces:

  • Implementations of Guided Tours open new perspectives on the Scaled Agile Framework. The following have been updated:
    • Agile Product Delivery
    • Business Agility
    • Continuous Learning Culture
    • Organizational Agility
    • Enterprise Solution Delivery
    • SAFe for Government
  • The updated competencies are mostly modelled as practices and guided tours. They are critical to achieving and sustaining a competitive advantage in an increasingly digital age, fully integrated into Applied SAFe as practices, refining activities of processes:
    • Lean-Agile Leadership, Team and Technical Agility, Continuous Learning Culture, Agile Product Delivery, Enterprise Solution Delivery, Lean Portfolio Management, and Organizational Agility
  • Updated SAFe Implementation Roadmap, including ‘Step 12: Accelerate’ which has ben renamed to this new name.
  • Portfolio Vision (new Work Product on Portfolio) is a description of the future state of a portfolio’s Value Streams and Solutions and describes how they will cooperate to achieve the portfolio’s objectives and the broader aim of the Enterprise.
  • Measure and Grow (new practice) is the way a Portfolio evaluates their progress towards business agility and determine their next improvement steps.,
  • Several new practices as part of advanced topics including:
    • Adapting Governance Practices to Support Agility and Lean Flow of Value (New 5.0)
  • Deeper and more advanced Design Thinking and Customer Centricity with additional activities and practices
  • New measure and grow assessment and practices including the Business Agility Self-Assessment
  • Overview of the Agile Business Team
  • Added Persona, Journey, Story, and Empathy maps
  • Enhanced SAFe Lean Startup Epic lifecycle
  • Additional SAFe Principle with new practice

Read the full Release Notes here

Applied SAFe serves as your own customizable instance of SAFe®. It includes all roles, activities, templates, guidelines, milestones, and phases as defined by the SAFe® methodology in order to bring the framework to life; including metrics and tailoring. Applied SAFe is a comprehensive implementation of SAFe as a process model with a sophisticated customization mechanism that allows instantiating each SAFe level independently but in line with the intended new SAFe configurations. For each of your endeavors just select the chosen SAFe configuration (e.g. Essential SAFe) and Applied SAFe tailors all elements accordingly.

Want to tailor Applied SAFe? Over 460 pre-built tailoring options give you the flexibility you are looking for besides of engineering your individual extensions. Share your knowledge via the integrated practice library and benefit from additional capabilities to reach compliance requirements like Automotive SPICE, HIPPA, CTR-180 (FDA), SOX, CMMI and many more while executing your lean-agile SAFe endeavor.

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