Solution Centric Development: How to solve the mystery of combining System Engineering (V-Model) and SAFe in a regulatory compliant way

The key to developing today’s complex products that have hardware, software, cyber and connectivity features is taking a solution-centric approach. During system decomposition and the subsequent building and integration of sub-systems and components, the desired final solution can get lost. The ideal scenario is that every step and aspect of engineering, the people working on the solution and the work itself all have a connection to the solution.

This is what Solution Centric Development (SCD) attempts to achieve. By aligning system engineering concepts, practices such as RFLP, software best practices to a scalable execution framework, we achieve the desired outcomes such as governance adherence, high-quality products and services that users love that is done at a sustainable pace aligned to market rhythms.

This open discussion will be held by:

  • Scott Barnes, Principal Consultant – PEDCO AG and
  • Peter Pedross, Creator of Applied SAFe – PEDCO AG

Participants are kindly requested to join the discussion as well!

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When? Tuesday, June 28th, 2022 14:00 – 15:00 CET

This webinar will be held in English, questions can also be raised in German.

About this webinar:

We will touch on topics like how to align requirements engineering, functional safety, cyber security, engineering best practices, software best practices, etc. in a way that supports a healthy flow of value, achieves quality outcomes (Established Lean QMS) and a system that people love to work in.

It’s a mix of experiences with our various clients, for this topic mostly from the Automotive industry.

Engineering tomorrow’s products means staying ahead and relevant in a continually changing environment. But how to combine classic System Engineering (V-Model) and SAFe in a regulatory compliant way?

In this webinar, we will touch on the following topics:

  • Is System Engineering still needed in an agile world?
  • What are some typical problems we face?
  • How do regulators approach agile development?
  • What is needed to combine both worlds?
  • … in a regulatory compliant world
  • What is a Solution Centric Development Approach?
  • How to handle the SAFe ‘Flow-Objects’ like Epics, Capabilities, Features, Stories?
  • What does it take to establish such a Lean QMS?

In this webinar, we:

  • discuss the importance of the questions raised and discuss it in an open manner
  • introduce some concepts and practices of Applied SAFe with respect to Solution Centric Development (SCD)
  • showcase some practical examples with ASPICE 3.1, ISO 26262 and more
  • will talk about some lessons learned
  • … look forward to some discussions and your questions!


Peter Pedross

CEO & founder of PEDCO AG, creator of the product Applied SAFe. With Applied SAFE, we provide a valid practical Lean-QMS to master the complexity of bringing a lean-agile organization to life.

I want our customers to succeed and start to replace ‘believe-in’ with fact-based decisions and use this knowledge to establish efficient flow in their organization.

  • Happy father and married to a wonderful woman.
  • 30+ years experience in Software Engineering
  • Studied Software Engineering, Finance and Management Psychology
  • Formerly world-wide responsible for lifecycles, processes, methods and tools at a leading Swiss financial institute
  • 50+ publications and lectures since 1995 in USA, Japan and Europe.
  • Certified in “Scaled Agile Framework” SPC since 2011, “Disciplined Agile Delivery”, EFQA, CMMI, PMI, Scrum etc.
  • Encountered first experience with Agile in 1999 (XP)
  • President of the Board for Computer Science at the Swiss Association of Quality (SAQ) and member of the Board of Directors at SAQ

Scott Barnes

ls a principal consultant at PEDCO and is an entrepreneurial and accomplished leader with a proven ability to successfully create and execute value. Expertise in delivering exceptional value, leading complex high-value engineering and technology initiatives. Over 30 years of experience, with more than 20 years working to lead and improve flow chains with a strong focus on engineering, governance, and business alignment.

Core Competencies
Organizational Transformation · Strategy Development & Execution · Enterprise Transformation · Change Leadership · Lean / Agile Approaches · Product Development · Vision, Strategy and Leadership · Leadership Alignment · Vendor & Contract Management · Process Engineering · Governance & Regulatory Compliance · Systems Engineering · Quality Management

Governance & Regulatory Compliance
ISO 9001 · ISO 26262 · Automotive SPICE · ISO 21434 · IEC 62304, CTR-180 · ISO 62304 · AAMI TIR 45 · CMMI · many more



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