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PEDCO Process Services

PEDCO Process Services form the core of the product. They are all centred on a tailor-made process framework. This consists of several process models. A tool-based platform supports the team in selecting and tailoring a model for a specific project. The platform also automatically produces a project-specific process web.

The Process Execution Service includes a process framework with the operational services needed to direct (software) projects successfully and efficiently in the regulated environment. It provides an opportunity for you, in your individual projects, to choose a suitable process from pre-defined process models and adapt it to the needs of your organisation according to the project requirements.

The process models are based either on tried and tested standards or on customer-specific models. If desired, we adapt these by using the PEDCO Lifecycle Services to suit individual needs or create completely new forms of procedural models. As standard we support the usual procedural models such as Disciplined Agile Delivery, Unified Process, SAFe, V-Modell etc.
Each project is given its own procedural model in the form of a web process. The web processes that are tailor-made from the standardised process model contain all the necessary information such as roles, activities, check-lists, templates and guidelines. The project data are uploaded within this project web, and, if desired, their quality is examined and measured by PEDCO. We offer this tool-supported platform as a SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud solution including consultancy in the environment (projects within a regulated environment).

The tool base for the cloud service is Stages by Method Park: If required we also will be pleased to offer other process model platforms such as Aris, RMC etc.

Advantages for you

  • By choosing the right model we ensure that your method of procedure is suitable for the regulatory situation without incurring unnecessary expense.
  • The Basic Process Service is extremely flexible; it can be rapidly and precisely adapted to fit the circumstances of each organisation.
  • The automatically generated process web facilitates the work of organisational development and at the same time ensures compliance.
  • With PEDCO, clients can benefit from the know-how of leading specialists and from constant development of the services based on new findings and experience gained by other customers.

Project Monitoring and Project Checking by PEDCO – Managed Process Services: We regularly inspect one or more of your projects (e.g. quarterly, related to milestones) for specified critical key points. In doing this we not only examine the formal criteria. The review in fact also deals with the content of the documents.

This external monitoring and plausibility checking helps one to successfully implement the projects in harmony with the laws, standards and sector-specific requirements – including the metrics, documents, templates etc. that the particular regulations and standards require.

This service is of particular interest for smaller and medium-sized companies that feel unsure about the way their projects are executed or are dissatisfied with their process.

Advantages for you

  • You gain a neutral view of your projects, the results and the compliance with the processes, that is to say the regulatory requirements.
  • You do not need to create any part-time position for this type of task.
  • You can be sure that internal power structures or personal standpoints do not play any part in the reviews and so the results are not swayed by such influences.

We survey your projects individually or your project portfolio as a whole by using the process web provided within Basic Process Services. We not only do the numbers for the work products, but also examine to see whether they are really serving a purpose and are feasible. In cases of doubt we discuss the work products with the people responsible for them.

The team of PEDCO – Managed Process Services has a great deal of experience in process measurement.

This includes the following metrics

  • Simple quantity of all work products according to the work product model.
  • Derived metrics (ratios between the work products).
  • Process metrics: Changes in the metrics over time. Product metrics: Measurement of all work products in an application, independent of the project.

The benchmarking service is a comparative, anonymous metric service, which compares its own metrics with the peers or with all the clients of PEDCO – Managed Process Services, and shows you where your organisation stands regarding process efficiency.

Advantages for you

  • Easy comparison with peers or competitors.
  • Realistic assessment of your own SWOT profile.
  • Relevant basis for decision-making in the field of project or process improvements.


The gear wheels for smooth-running, precise and lean processes. They help your organization to shift up a gear in the execution of challenging projects within the regulated environment.