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PEDCO Lifecycle Services

PEDCO Lifecycle Services support you in all matters relating to the assessment, production or transfer of your existing development processes, and their management. They serve the management, production and continuous further development of the processes offered to the customers.

With the Process Fitness Check we examine and assess your current process landscape. In an initial step we pose the important questions and analyse your process landscape accordingly. The result is a detailed report that also covers any weak points or options for improvement in the process landscape.

Advantages for you

  • An independent assessment helps you to determine any defects in the current process landscape.
  • In the ideal case you gain the assurance that your company is up to date with the latest process technology and nothing needs to be done.
  • A fast and brief assessment helps you to survey your current situation.
Most companies in the regulated sector have their own well-defined processes. PEDCO – Managed Process Services can take on existing processes within the framework. If there is potential for improvement (e.g. regarding agility, control or tailoring options), our team works out the processes. These are then operated within the Basic Process Service.

If required, we also take on the core members of an existing process team as a form of outplacement.

Advantages for you

  • Minimal loss of know-how: Known and established processes are retained as far as possible and where effective.
  • Short familiarisation time: Because the processes are already known to a large extent, it is not necessary to retrain all the staff. Nonetheless they can still benefit from the modern and versatile tailoring options right from the start.
  • You have externalised the further development, operation and maintenance of software development processes and do not have to create any new posts in the non-core area of your firm.
  • You can separate yourself in a controlled and inexpensive way from a non-core area of your firm. By transferring an existing process team to a company that specialises in this work one can keep the loss of know-how to an absolute minimum
  • You can outsource the entire operation (incl. data administration) either immediately or at some date in the medium term, according to the particular scenario.
  • The strategic partnership with the tool manufacturer Method Park means that we have a scalable infrastructure and thanks to scaling effects, we can also offer a cost-effective service in this field too.
Actual experience gained from your projects or your requested changes is recorded by us as best practice and we make them accessible for your whole project portfolio.

This service also includes the relevant Request Management for inquiries about changes to the processes. Here we not only record the new practice but prepare all the experience gained in the projects for use in the process, and we collect examples and fully embed these in the framework. These are customer-specific extensions made on request.

Advantages for you

  • Experience gained in the projects is transferred to your process framework very rapidly and cost-effectively.
  • Employees are more motivated, because know-how is exchanged very easily and the people contributing their experience do not have to get familiar with the whole framework. We come and visit, gather the know-how of the employees concerned, and let all the others share in the knowledge. 
  • The employees can simply offer themselves and their experience as a contribution to the processes and thus “make a name for themselves” as a regular contributor .
  • Your company will then really engage in organisational learning and benefits from the collective knowledge.
We develop new processes from scratch or based on existing standard models. These are then included and operated in the Basic Process Service.

Advantages for you

  • We construct processes that are optimally suited to your needs.
  • The processes produced can support the internal specific features of the company in an ideal way and all the steps acquire added value.
  • Our expertise – e.g. the separation of project and application – releases you from the task of having to start from scratch.
  • We are not tied to specific tools or modes of approach. Therefore we build your processes independently and with a focus on your organisation.
The PEDCO team organises and hosts a two-day workshop and carries out a SWOT analysis of your process landscape together with your stakeholders. Together we analyse the current requirements for the process organisation.

Advantages for you

  • You receive a SWOT analysis of your process landscape.
  • You are given suggestions and opinions from independent and external specialists.
  • You get an insight into the way we think and operate.

The Tool

Our analysis and tuning tool helps you assess, adapt and continually improve your processes, thus increasing your efficiency and optimising your competitiveness.