PEDCO’s demonstration of Applied SAFe® as exhibitor at the Agile in Automotive conference in Stuttgart on 10th / 11th November 2015 was a great success. Our mapping of standard requirements like Automotive SPICE to defined process assets like SAFe gained strong interest.

The PEDCO – Managed Process Services booth for Applied SAFe information and demonstration

Mapping of standard requirements (e.g. Automotive SPICE) to defined process assets (e.g. SAFe)

Venue: Our booth and the informative Applied SAFe® demos were well visited at the Agile in Automotive Conference in Stuttgart, Germany, on 10th / 11th November 2015. Speakers and representatives from the industry key players like Bosch, Continental, John Deere, Magneti Marelli, TomTom, Trumpf, Visteon, Volkswagen brought this well-visited first-in-time conference to success.

Challenge: Automotive electronics development is characterized by quality standards and norms, such as Automotive SPICE® or ISO 26262. Agility of electronics development and their R&D organizations is perceived as a future enabler for the automotive industry – Tier’s and their OEM’s accept agility as a challenge and gain experience with it.

Our Solution: Applied SAFe® is a fully fledged ALM tool agnostic implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) as a process model. Applied SAFe® can further include and ensure compliance with various reference models like CMMI, AS9100, CTR-180 (FDA), ISO9000 or your own company specific reference models. On the conference our demo of Applied SAFe® focused on Scaled Agility and compliance with Automotive SPICE.

Partnership: Scaled Agile Inc. represented by Michael Stump performed a SAFe® Release Planning Tutorial during the morning of the first day. Rentouch supported us with an elegant and fancy 55″ Touchscreen for our Applied SAFe® demonstrations. This touchscreen is an excellent collaboration tool for distributed agile teams offering multi-user Jira and Whiteboard usage.

A warm Welcome from Michael Stump, Scaled Agile Inc. and Stefan Küffer, PEDCO AG

Stefan Küffer during an Applied SAFe demonstration and in-depth discussion with conference participants

Stefan Küffer at a live demonstration of Applied SAFe using the Rentouch 55″ Touchscreen