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has developed in close collaboration with Scaled Agile, Inc. (SAI) a complete implementation of SAFe® as a process model; named Applied SAFe:

  • Applied SAFe is completely owned by PEDCO AG.
  • Applied SAFe is upward compatible, approved by SAI and elaborated in sync with future versions of SAFe®.
  • Fits very well for companies, wishing to implement SAFe but not to define everything from scratch.
  • Fits very well for companies working in a regulated environment.
  • Lots of interest worldwide, e.g. Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA, Finland, India.
  • PEDCO has very limited global consulting capabilities and no intention to grow in this direction.

Transformation Partners

Are either Scaled Agile Partners or have a proven track record in successful lean-agile change transitions. They are:

  • Known in their country or region as an agile partner.
  • Are very successful promoters of trends.
  • Have certified SPC’s
  • Are strongly established in their market
  • Have the capabilities to grow and expand their services
  • Are willing to exchange knowledge in applying SAFe with the global community.
  • Want to show additional expertise in complex and regulated environments.
  • Are eager and dedicated to scale agile successfully to achieve compliance and efficiency.

Together we are a good team!

PEDCO searches for partners willing and able to:

  • Coach/Consult/Train SAFe in conjunction with Applied SAFe customers.
  • Use Applied SAFe as one of the possibilities to implement SAFe for your customers.
  • Enlarge the number of potential clients in the scaled agile market.
  • Exchange knowledge in applying SAFe with the global community.

We work together to foster Applied SAFe in the market!

  • PEDCO and each Applied SAFe Partner will exchange contacts on Applied SAFe on a monthly basis.
  • Applied SAFe Partner will provide the consulting/coaching/training services for customers of Applied SAFe.
  • PEDCO will provide marketing material, a demonstration instance and a demo script for ASP’s at no cost.
  • Applied SAFe Partner will provide SAFe related training to customers (e.g. Leading SAFe, SAFe Agilist).
  • PEDCO will train Applied SAFe Partner SPC’s in Applied SAFe in order to know the features and capabilities of Applied SAFe (Applied SAFe QM).
  • Applied SAFe Partner’s investment is limited to take some time to know the capabilities of Applied SAFe.
  • PEDCO will provide the services to extend and integrate Applied SAFe for customers.
  • Official collaboration with cross references on both websites.

Financials and referral fees

  • When PEDCO acquires a new customer of Applied SAFe and creates a consulting lead for an ASP then 5% of the turnover will be paid to PEDCO.
  • When an ASP acquires a new customer for Applied SAFe 5% of the incoming PEDCO License fees will be paid to the referral ASP.


  • Call us in Switzerland: +41 (0)44 542 45 45
  • Call us in USA, Boston: +1 (857) 362 82 00
  • Send an email to and a member of our team will respond to you as soon as possible