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PEDCO’s Applied SAFe Partners are companies that believe in agility at scale to successfully transform organizations towards a Lean-Agile culture. They have developed significant expertise in supporting large enterprises including companies within regulated environments through every phase of a Lean-Agile transformation. Our selected partners are trained to successfully transform your teams, programs, portfolios or even the whole enterprise onto Applied SAFe.

“Implementing scaled agile organizations in regulated environment always means to define and to track agile processes. Applied SAFe is a very valuable tool for an agile transition project in such an environment. You need less time and less investment in work to be able to implement a complete agile standard process.”
Dr. Thorsten Janning, COO, KEGON
“We truly understand the challenges faced by our clients when implementing SAFe, particularly for those operating in regulated industries. By working in partnership, PEDCO and Blue Agility are uniquely positioned to provide customized and comprehensive enterprise-ready solutions for organizations wanting to adapt SAFe to their context. With PEDCO’s Applied SAFe, the potential to smooth the path to a full SAFe adoption that ultimately translates to high business value and customer delight is substantial.”
Eyal Abukasis, Chief Operations Officer, Blue Agility
“It is not enough that management commit themselves to quality and productivity, they must know what it is they must do. Such a responsibility cannot be delegated.” This quote from W. Edwards Deming accompanies me wherever I help companies to become more agile. Applied SAFe is an extraordinary tool doing exactly that: In a clear and precise way helping the people responsible to make a change to know what it is they must do.
Dr. Wolfgang Brandhuber, Accenture
“We are very excited to join PEDCO in a collaborating partnership. PEDCO’s Applied SAFe® is an outstanding product and we feel that every SAFe customer will love the guidance, metrics and lean governance process that it provides.”
Tonya McCaulley - Change Agent, Educator, Agile Coach, Public Speaker, BC Forward
“Applied SAFe® elevates the core of enterprise agility predicated on the key premise of synchronization to an entirely new level. With UFG’s current business model squarely based on fostering comprehensive enterprise agility, this partnership is destined to garner powerful, compliance ready, end-to-end agile transformation solutions.”
Sean Cavandi, Managing Partner, UFIRST Group INC

Blue Agility specializes in large-scale Agile transformations leveraging the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) and IBM’s Application Lifecycle Management tools.

We work with firms that are looking to adopt Agile at the enterprise level as well as assisting firms in determining the appropriate tooling to best support specific departmental and corporate development needs. Using DevOps solutions, we provide a framework of people, process and technology, enabling the enterprise with continuous delivery capabilities.

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Our core business is information technology. We recognize IT in the context of integrated strategy, organization and technology.

  • KEGON provides top quality and innovative support for management, organization and implementation of highly efficient IT solutions and architectures.
  • KEGON also offers a training program for the project, organizational and management practices, as well as in-house trainings.

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: Germany

We at Rome Agile can transform your company from concept to cash with a variety of tools in our toolkit. We offer Agile, Lean and SAFe® transformations built around your company’s vision. Within our toolkit is a vast 60+ education curriculum privately and publicly taught which includes SAFe®, Agile, DevOps, critical thinking trainings and many other topics.

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: India, USA

: Defense, Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, IT, Manufacturing


ACM is a technology and consultancy company specialized in Agile processes and practices. ACM is unique in the Turkish market with its success to transform organizations. ACM offers three main services: consultancy, training and outsourcing.

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: Turkey

Zühlke Engineering works together with companies to create innovative products and custom software solutions. The company’s services include consulting, development and integration. It has a wealth of experience, having completed more than 8,000 successful client projects.

Zühlke Engineering is part of the Zühlke Group. Founded in 1968, the Zühlke Group has local teams in Austria, Germany, Serbia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. In 2012, the Group generated US $110 million in revenue, employing more than 550 staff.

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: Austria, Germany, Serbia, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Born as a niche agile consulting agency, out of a passion for technology and fascination with human behavior, we are a full service global consultancy for digital marketing, technology and commerce.

PaidFX Consulting (Agile by Default) specialization has a proven approach to successful agile implementations. We are focused on the transition patterns and intermediate states necessary to safely and pragmatically lead any company through a structured and planned transformation.

We are committed to engaging in a way that respects where each company is today, while laying a foundation for where it needs to be in the future. Agile by Default takes the magic out of agile transformation.

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: London, England

UFG, UFirst Group Inc. is an International Information Technology Consulting and Agile Transformation Firm, established in the U.S.A (Est. 2001) and the European Union specializing in CRM, Cloud Migration, IoT & enterprise level Agile Transformation. Our mission is to leverage our collective experiences in cutting edge tech advances in App. development, IoT, CRM, Cloud setups/migrations while excelling in execution via pragmatic agile transformation.

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: Germany, USA

Tool Partners

Rentouch GmbH is a Swiss based company providing solutions to better collaborate in agile and scaled agile environments. On of their unique products is the PI Planning tool ( which will be provided as a configurable, optional tool for in Applied SAFe; our Tool-Agnostic implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

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: Switzerland