Outsourcing of specialist teams

The continuous maintenance and improvement of software development processes requires the experience and expertise of a team of specialists in this kind of work. The teams have to be continually trained for this purpose. The international exchange of experience helps in establishing the improvement process at a high level.

  • Is your process management team too small to maintain a professional process framework?
  • Do you want to externalise the further development and maintenance of software development processes?
  • Do you want to cut back on positions in the non-core areas of your enterprise?

PEDCO – Managed Process Services will not only take on your processes, but will gladly also take on the core members of an existing process team. This allows a very gentle transition of the processes, and they are maintained and also developed further by a team of specialists. Team members who are taken on benefit in the long term from a larger field of activity and are able to further specialise in their role, e.g. as Process Engineer. As a company, PEDCO ¬– Managed Process Services strives to collaborate with universities and universities of applied sciences. This includes regularly giving lectures and presenting publications at the relevant institutes.

With PEDCO – Managed Process Services you can build on a broad range of experience and be sure that you will be kept up to date with the latest knowledge. You no longer have to depend on individuals, and the employees involved are no longer left on their own.