Developments in the markets call for an ever more rapid and cost-effective project implementation

Innovation cycles are getting shorter and development projects have to get by with fewer resources. At the same time the quality requirements and demands of the regulatory directives are increasing.

  • How much does your specified and actual time-to-market differ?
  • How much control do you have over the keeping to milestones and completion deadlines?
  • How large is the proportion of requirements that have to be brought up again and again for every project in the same application?
  • How many redundant systems do you have in your business? • Are your core systems adequately documented?

PEDCO – Managed Process Services helps you in dealing with the challenge of how to significantly reduce the difference between planned and actual time-to-market. Our Managed Process Services System provides support for you in the efficient monitoring of milestones and deliverables.

The PEDCO – Managed Process Services System helps your organisation to improve the re-use of work results. The way we work includes a unique separation of the application and project aspects. This allows one to operate the products in a sustainable way and continue to develop them over a period of decades in a controlled manner.

At the same time PEDCO – Managed Process Services ensures that the required metrics for directing the projects are available. Based on the metrics the whole process framework can be continually improved. In this way the benefits of the services increase in the mid-term.