Outsourcing of the process training and the skill management

Regular training has to be given about the processes and roles, and the role requirements have to match the skills of your staff. Process changes and role changes should be systematically integrated in the team’s understanding of the processes. This is to ensure that your processes are well established in your organisation and adhered to.

  • Do you want to externalise the training for your processes?
  • Do you want to be sure that the skills management of your employees is done consistently?
  • Do you want the skills of your staff to be aligned to all the requirements?

The PEDCO Capability Services ensure that the processes are actually practised in a reliable and efficient way. They ensure that the employees’ understanding of the processes and/or their skill levels for the specified roles match the requirements. We systematically coach and train your staff. With our Capability Services we ensure that the processes are established in your company in the best way.