Compliance requirements are increasing and are being enforced ever more systematically (e.g. FDA, FED and FINMA)

Regulatory and organisational requirements are becoming ever more demanding. Project productivity should be enhanced and the quality standards adhered to.

  • Are you sure that your software projects comply with all the applicable guidelines and regulations?
  • What expenses will be incurred by your organisation as a result of changes to the compliance rules?
  • How much work does it take to maintain your quality management?

We will help you to design the development processes in such a way that all is secure when it comes to compliance with the applicable directives.

With PEDCO – Managed Process Services, the current regulatory requirements are continually applied to your existing lifecycle management processes, thus ensuring compliance with the regulatory directives at all times. We keep the process documentation of your quality management fully up to date.
PEDCO – Managed Process Services ensures that information is generated from the processes, showing what proportion of the project budget is needed to ensure compliance and how much expense will be incurred by the organisation as a result of any changes to the applicable regulations.