What’s the business value of a software feature? A product or service? A process improvement? An infrastructure update? Modern enterprises are trying to find answers to questions like these, but often struggle in the process and end up pushing their effort in the wrong direction. This leads to a lot of waste, often unrecoverable. That’s too high a price to pay!

I recently talked about enjoying a good read of the book ‘Pursuing Enterprise Outcomes’ in LinkedIn, this small and spontaneous update lead to more than 5000 views after 5 days. When I saw this, I called Alex Yakyma my friend and author of the book and organized a presentation of the chapter ‘The mystery of Business Value’!

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When? Thu, October 1st, 2020 05:30 PM – 06:30 PM CEST
This webinar will be held in English.

The question of business value is vital to effective decision making at every level of an enterprise.
Let’s find the answer together!

About this webinar:

In this presentation, we will talk about a structured approach to value discovery. As a result of the session, you will acquire a foundational understanding of how to:

  • Apply value paths to assessment of value
  • Discover key factors that influence value in your context
  • Facilitate emergence of higher value

Speaker: Alex Yakyma

is the author of “Pursuing Enterprise Outcomes” and “The Rollout”. As a consultant, Alex is helping enterprises succeed with complex challenges. Throughout his career, he operated in multi-cultural, highly distributed environments. Alex has trained a large number of change agents whose key role is to help their organizations achieve higher effectiveness at pursuing business outcomes.

Moderator: Peter Pedross

is CEO and founder of PEDCO AG. As being a very early certified SAFe SPC’s, Mr. Pedross has been working with SAFe since 2011 and gained first experiences with Agile (XP) since 1999.

Besides his degree as a software engineer, he also studied finance and management psychology. Prior to founding PEDCO AG, Peter Pedross was responsible for life cycles, processes, methods, and tools at a leading Swiss financial institution and other companies in the technical and regulated sector.

On a part-time basis, he is also President of the Board of Directors for Information Technology of the Swiss Association of Quality (SAQ) and a member of the Board of Directors.



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