Companies are currently asking themselves, “How do we ensure that our organization will be one of those who succeeds with its digital transformation?” Our product Applied SAFe® allows companies to master the complexity of such an endeavor.

We provide a practical platform to master the complexity of bringing a lean-agile organization to life. Applied SAFe®, is the only tool that helps to track & design your processes, making sure that you can adhere to regulations while still doing SAFe®. 

In this video, we give an overview of each level in Applied SAFe and the major takeaways that are in each part.

In Applied SAFe, we can create all possible configurations of the Scaled Agile Framework. As you dive deeper into each level you can navigate through the roles, practices, activities, milestones, etc. that are specific to that level.

  • The Enterprise level holds all the processes which are necessary and specific to an enterprise. This includes process assessment, process training, the whole governance of establishment and execution.
  • The Portfolio level contains the principles, practices, and roles needed to initiate and govern a set of development Value Streams.
  • The Large Solution level helps us build complex solutions with various agile release trains. When looking at the Supplier Process, we implemented it in a way that you can run it in an agile manner as described in the Scaled Agile Framework or in a more traditional way.
  • The Program level discusses DevOps, the Continuous Delivery Pipeline, PI Planning, and more! For example, in case of a Portfolio SAFe configuration, the Program level contains the Solution, whereas in other configurations it would reside on the Large Solution level.
  • The Team level has different configurations. For example, you can work either with Kanban or Scrum. The Scrum Master can configure this level and can specify the way they work, along with which tools they use.

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