Public Webinar: Mixing Agile and other Life Cycles in Large Scale Complex Environments

Mixing Agile and Building large-scale software and cyber-physical systems are one of the most complex and challenging endeavors in the industry today. Lean enterprises focus [...]

Applied SAFe at Regional SAFe Summit Europe, Frankfurt

Scaled Agile announced that the first annual Regional SAFe Summit will take place from 25 – 28 June, 2018 in the beautiful city of Frankfurt, Germany. [...]

Stages Insights Europe 2018: New Applied SAFe 4.5 – Implementation in Stages

Developing products for an increasingly complex world is hard. Factors like security, safety, agility, or interconnectivity challenge or even exceed current engineering capabilities. To master [...]

Scaled Agility in Regulated Environments @ Agile in Automotive Conference, 15th and 16th November 2017, Stuttgart, Germany, Hotel Dormero

The Agile in Automotive Conference 2017 is the leading international conference on application of agile values, principles, processes, methods, and practices in the development [...]

Training SAFe for Teams with SP Certification in Zurich, 28/29.Nov: Still some places left

Take one of this rare opportunities to educate some of your team members on what it mean's to collaborate effectively with other teams in the [...]

Scaled Agility in Regulated Environments: Discussion in Washington & Chicago

We would like to invite you to discuss experience and different ways on how to reach the outcomes of Scaled Agility in regulated environments, e.g. [...]

Lean-Agile Workshops on HR, Process Engineering and Compliance

We have gained a lot of experience in Lean-Agile Process Engineering and Lean-Agile Compliance with Applied SAFe and other process endeavors in the past [...]

PEDCO News Letter 2017

We give you an outlook to 2017, our new training offerings and a short summary on what we have accomplished last year. Dear Customers, Partners [...]

Scaling Agile in Regulated Environments: Addressing the Challenges of Compliance with Applied SAFe 4.0

Building cyber-physical systems is a complex endeavor and becoming increasingly software reliant. This has resulted in a growing demand for best practices to address [...]

Experience Learning session on: Successful SAFe Implementation Approach (Eng.)

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is getting more and more into a ‘De-facto’-Standard for scaled agility. But how can such a frameworks be successfully implemented? We [...]

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