As we released the Applied SAFe Companion to customers in March 2024, we gained further experience, and customers asked questions about the companion’s architecture and various deployment options. With this post, we continue to delve into this thrilling exploration of AI.

The Applied SAFe Companion from PEDCO helps to
master SAFe with ease in a practical context.
It’s your guided personal learning experience,
powered by AI.

Companion Architecture and Deplyoment Options

At PEDCO, we prioritize data protection and security in our deployment options:

  • Fully hosted deployment: This option provides a fully managed solution where all components — the Content & Vector Database, Orchestrator, LLM (OpenAI), and Frontend — are hosted on secure cloud infrastructure provided by our partners Microsoft and Google. Ideal for businesses looking for a hassle-free turnkey solution that minimizes internal IT overhead.
  • Hybrid deployment: This flexible deployment model hosts the Vector Database, Orchestrator, and Frontend at the customer’s data centre, with the LLM (OpenAI) powered by our cloud partners. It’s a balanced solution for businesses that require both control and cloud-powered intelligence.
  • On-premise deployment: Tailored for organizations with the highest standards for data security and residency, this option locates all components — Vector Database, Orchestrator, your existing LLM, and Frontend — within the customer’s data centre.

Choose one of the featured options to get more details.

About the Applied SAFe Companion

This cutting-edge AI tool enhances your learning and understanding of Applied SAFe, acting as a knowledgeable companion throughout your journey.

The Applied SAFe Companion is uniquely trained on the extensive content of Applied SAFe, equipped to answer your queries with precision and prompt engaging follow-up questions to deepen your comprehension. Its intelligent design allows for a dynamic and interactive learning experience, akin to having a personal tutor passionate about facilitating your mastery of Applied SAFe. When the discussion delves into highly specific areas, the companion seamlessly integrates direct links to Applied SAFe content, ensuring you have immediate access to the most relevant information.

Our aim with this launch is to create a lively and informative dialogue around Applied SAFe, simulating an environment where learning is both engaging and enjoyable.

We believe that education thrives in conversation, and
our Applied SAFe Companion is here to bring that conversation to you.

Companion Architecture (video):

  • In the video below, we delve into the various runtime deployment options of the Companion.
  • Talk to us about your specific integration of your existing adaption of Applied SAFe.

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Applied SAFe Companion – Factsheet

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