Zurich, Switzerland. – PEDCO announces a partnership with ‘IT’s A Success’ from the Netherlands

PEDCO and IT’s A Success will work together in fostering the growing number of Applied SAFe® customers. Through this partnership, PEDCO will deliver its product, Applied SAFe® while ‘IT’s A Success’ will provide their expertise in Lean/Agile transformations and IT project management.

About IT’s A Success

IT’s A Success is an IT service provider that specializes in Lean/Agile transformations and IT project management. Our mission is to make sustainable change happen as smoothly and easy as possible. With more than a decade of experience in delivering successful projects, we make change happen by ensuring customer centricity and relying on scientifically proven methods and techniques. We believe getting certified and keeping certifications up to date are an important way of making it easy for clients to assess your worth, as well as keeping yourself on your toes with the latest advancements in your field of expertise.

We make change happen by building upon our four pillars of success:

  • Customer-centric: We enable the customer to be at the center of any change endeavor.
  • Sustainable: We account for the “3 P’s” (People, Planet, Profit), making sure that during and after the endeavor all three are improved.
  • Ethical: We adhere to PMI’s Code of Conduct for any action we undertake.
  • Servant leadership: As change leaders, we empower others to improve and work together to realize the change.

Let’s make IT A Success!

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One of the things we love about the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is that it offers you a lot of practical tools and techniques to make the change towards business agility. However, because there is so much material, actually implementing SAFe can be a daunting endeavor. That’s where Applied SAFe comes in. Their tool makes SAFe implementations that much easier, offering further customization for an ideal fit within the clients’ environment. We decided to partner up with Applied SAFe to be able to be the best in SAFe implementations, helping our customers reach a long lasting and sustainable state of business agility as smooth and easy as possible.

Jeffry Turfboer, IT's A Success

“I met Jeffry and his company in February 2020 and it was an immediate match. The expertise of both companies and support each other very elegantly. I look forward to working together and bringing their knowledge of digital transformations in regulated environments to the clients of Applied SAFe.”

Peter Pedross, CEO, PEDCO


PEDCO is a public limited company based in Zurich, Switzerland and collaboration partner of Scaled Agile Inc., Boulder (USA) and Method Park, Erlangen (Germany). We support enterprises around the globe for process implementations within regulatory environments. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions to set-up, select, operate, and develop lean, compliant and efficient processes.

Our mission is to help system and software-dependent enterprises achieve better business outcomes, increase employee engagement, and improve economics through the application of Lean-Agile principles and practices with Applied SAFe® based on the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®).

Applied SAFe® is a stand-alone product from PEDCO. It is a fully fledged ALM tool agnostic implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) as a process model and kept in sync with the current SAFe® version by Scaled Agile Inc. (SAI). Together with our partners, we ensure a smooth transition to agile, lean, efficient and compliant processes with Applied SAFe.

For further information or to schedule a free online demo please visit our website on www.appliedSAFe.com or get in contact with us at appliedSAFe@pedco.eu.

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