Join us on March 12, 2019, where experts will be discussing current trends, solutions and best practices for the management of complex engineering processes.

This Process Insights Germany conference is hosted by Method Park.  Method Park is a specialist for innovative software and systems engineering in the safety-critical environments of the medical and automotive industries.

At this conference, people from different industries come together with the same mindset, no matter if they are a beginner, an expert or a decision maker. In addition to lectures on strategies, methods, and tools, best practices will be central to the conference. In addition, users of the process management tool Stages will talk about their experiences with the tool.

Make Processes Applicable and Successful

To develop innovative and future-oriented products, it’s important and necessary to comply with industry standards and apply modern development methods. Organizations cannot master the complexity of projects, costs, time and quality without optimized processes. Because of this, it is crucial to understand them and make processes applicable which lead to success.

Learn Best Practices and the “Stages” Roadmap

With presentations and experiential reports, Process Insights Germany demonstrates how the participants integrated improved processes as a success factor in the product development of their organization. Participants will also receive insights into “Stages” – the tool which has been developed by Method Park, to manage complex engineering processes. Stages is the same tool that we use for Applied SAFe, PEDCO’s platform to implement SAFe faster than anybody else.

Participate in Consulting and Networking

At the conference, there will also be a Consulting Café where participants will be able to discuss their individual topics with experts at Method Park and get informed in the accompanying exhibition. There will also be breaks, along with an evening event which will offer the possibility for discussions and networking with process experts.

Keynote and Information

The keynote speaker of this year’s Process Insights Germany will be Dr. Paul Nielsen, CEO of the Software Engineering Institute, Pittsburgh/US.

Click here for the agenda and further information.


Conference Topics at Process Insights 2019

What is Applied SAFe?

Applied SAFe® is for organizations in high assurance industries like Automotive, Pharma & Med Tech, Aerospace & Defense, Transportation, Finance or those in complex environments where an audit of processes usually is a fact of life. Such companies want to document processes and changes as well as share organization-specific implementation details to improve their overall value delivery. Applied SAFe® is built on the world leading process modeling tool ‘Stages’ from Method Park and is a fully fledged ALM tool which is an agnostic implementation of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) as a process model. It ensures scaled agility throughout your enterprise while adhering to your defined process model.

With Applied SAFe® we offer all levels and functions of a development organization, customizable and extendable up-to-date content on a proven foundation for the application of Lean-Agile practices; allowing you to have reliable and compliant processes almost immediately. Unlike other manual ways where you need to document everything from scratch and don’t get automatic updates of new and improved practices, our solution allows you to benefit from learnings inside and outside of your organization and lets you focus on your implementation specific details to deliver value.


Meet us at the Processs Insights Germany 2019 in Nuremberg, Germany March 12th!

Present at the booth will be Peter Pedross, CEO & Founder of PEDCO AG, as well as Renata Sandor, Marketing Director of PEDCO AG. We are looking forward to speaking with you!