With our latest product release Applied SAFe 4.0 Matterhorn Edition we provide additionally a minimal configuration named Applied SAFe® Essential that includes only the essential SAFe elements and the PEDCO Knowledge Management process. We also completely revised our product options with a much more flexible license model and extensibility for all product variations.

Applied SAFe® Essential

With the raising success of the usage of the Scaled Agile Framework, a lot of new companies are starting their journey into SAFe. This license level represents the indispensable elements of SAFe® . If you implement these, you are on the right track for your first essential business benefits. After that, you can reason further about the rest of the practices, and constructs – whether at the Team, Program, Value Stream, or Portfolio level.

This license level comprises the SAFe Essential content and the PEDCO Knowledge Management process. It is pre-tailored and only available as a single instance on each Applied SAFe level in a 3-Level SAFe Configuration.

Applied SAFe Essential allows to start with a small and cost-effective package. This has the advantage that a company, or a department within a larger enterprise, can start with the minimum required for doing SAFe.

The benefit is, that you can gather first experiences with the application of SAFe and to harmonize teams towards a common approach. This allows you to easily migrate to other levels like Managed- or Enterprise at a later stage, including your own extensions.

Applied SAFe® Product Variations

Applied SAFe® is available in several variations. These variations are building on each other and it is possible to start small with Essential and grow into an Enterprise wide implementation; just as you need it. With the Matterhorn Edition, all product variations are extensible, prior to this product edition this was only possible with the Enterprise option. This allows also Essential clients to extend specific elements like e.g. given phase gates and work products inclusive templates that are requested by the internal governance or your external clients.

  • Applied SAFe® Essential – Start small and cost-effective with the Essential package that includes only the indispensable elements of SAFe®
  • Applied SAFe® Foundation – Comprehensive process instance for each SAFe® level with activities, roles, work products, practices, templates
  • Applied SAFe® Managed – Create customized Applied SAFe® instances of Portfolio, Value Stream, Program and Team level using the automated and manual Tailoring Capabilities
  • Applied SAFe® Enterprise – Use Applied SAFe® with individual work product file and state management on each process instance and sophisticated review mechanisms

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